March 02023

Rome, FED, Debasement

Maintain Purchasing Power

Jan 02023

Abigail Disney

EV News – 2022 Reveiw and 2023 Coming Soon!

Dec 02022

Bitcoin Blocks and Fees

1 Million Bitcoin HODLers. That’s all?

Oct 02022

Bitcoin For Beginners

May 02022

Bitcoin Intrinsic Value

Bitcoin For Everybody – Saylor Academy

Bitcoin Vs. Cryptocurrencies

Check your Financial Privilege

April 02022

Bitcoin As Legal Tender Around The World


May 02021

The Ministry for the Future: A Novel – And The World Today

Basic Income, Shareholder Value, Health Care, Taxes

April 2021

Precision Fermentation

Sept 2020
Can I buy a Tesla in Iowa? – No

July 2020
Working From Home, UBI, $600 Unemployment

January 2020
Andrew Yang

September 02019
Mid 02019 Update

September 02018
Haitian Development

July 02018
Direct Payment of Education in Haiti

March 02018
One Way A Basic Income Could Work
Guest post – Tom’s Finance Tips for Young People (Under 35 years old)
Redistribution Of Wealth Is Not Sufficient To Fix World Poverty

October 02017
Life Insurance and Early Death

September 02017
What Color is the Sky? A Book Celebration (and review)
You Might Need $3 Million to Retire at Age 65
My IRRATIONAL Fear – Short term market collapse

August 02017
Target Date Funds
Expense Ratio

June 02017
Paris Climate Agreement

May 02017
Basic Income – Mark Zuckerberg
Millions Could Die From Drought/Starvation
The Inevitable

March 02017
North Korea – Some Thoughts After Reading “The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot”

December 02016
02016 Year End Review
US Government Debt

October 02016
Dak and the President
Questions 2

September 02016
The Life You Can Save: Acting Now To End World Poverty – A Book Review (of Sorts)

August 02016
The Last Hunger Season (a book review)

July 02016
I Bought A Prius
Texts I Have Sent Myself
The Last Hungry Person
The Future

May 02016
Make America Great Again

April 02016
Presidential Candidates 02016

March 02016

February 02016
Systemic vs. Transcendent Change

January 2016
First World Problems
The Unabomber Manifesto – A Book Review

December 2015
World Goal
What Is Good?

November 2015
My 2015 In Review
Change Ourselves. Change The World
Charities And Jesus

October 2015
The Most Important Thing
Religion, Love And Relationships
Elevate Your Thinking

September 2015
On Giving
Being Jesus

July 2015
On Being
Don’t Kill Your Child! Please!

June 2015
Gay Marriage
What Is A Dyson Sphere?

May 2015
Taxes. Government. Happiness?
Reaching Your Childhood Dreams

April 2015
Gravity Payments, $70,000 For All Employees
Retire A Millionaire, The Easy Way
Will Trade Dirt Bike For Prosperity For All

March 2015
Guns II

February 2015
Challenge Your Norm

January 2015
The Wrestler

December 2014
To Fight Or Not To Fight? 
Fat vs. Fat Wads Of Cash
Trust. Government Regulation. Guns and Income Inequality (Oh And Of Course Smoking)

November 2014
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Movie Review
Smoking. Why it should be legal.
Understanding. Can We Have A Reasonable Discussion?
“Love, No Matter What” – A Rebuttal of Andrew Solomon’s TED talk

October 2014
Muscle And A Shovel – Book Review
Influence, The Truth And A New Direction
Local Treasures
A Million Dollars
Bugatti Veyron, Elio And My Wheel Life

September 2014
The Winter Beater
First Time Seeing A New Car Model In The Wild
Respect For Racers
Motorhead Movies

August 2014
Motorcycle Spotters guide to the galaxy

July 2014
Polaris Slingshot vs. World
What is a Kit Car?
Car Spotters guide to the galaxy, part deux
Honda CM400C Bobber
Ferrari 360 vs. 2014 Corvette
What is drag racing?
Modern muscle vs. classic supercar (Viper, 2007 Shelby, 2012 Boss)

June 2014
Hot Rod Power Tour 2014 – Part 3/3
My Wheel Life – Hot Rod Power Tour 2014, Part 2 of 3
What does Hot Rod Power Tour cost? – Answer: It’s worth it!
My Wheel Life – Hot Rod Power Tour, Part 1
My Wheel Life – How To: Why to install headers AND how to repaint rusted headers

May 2014
My Wheel Life – How to buy a vehicle
My Wheel Life – Car spotters guide to the galaxy (1920’s to 1960’s) (Part 1)
My Wheel Life – Tech:The art of the oil change
My Wheel Life – The Illusion of Speed
My Wheel Life – My Monte
My Wheel Life – Intro

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