Life direction/Religion/Philosophical

This is a page to really make you think. Althogh I really like cars I would like to challenge people to become better people. I enjoy discussing with others why they believe what they do. These links should help you think deeper about what you believe.

Alan Watts – Interesting fellow, I don’t agree with everything he says, but that’s why I listen to him.

Link to a talk by a pastor in Des Moines.


Many people might not acknowledge it, but Star Trek: The Next Generation is actual a pretty deep TV show. Probably my favorite TNG episode is Tapestry. Season 6, Episode 15. In it Jean-Luc Picard is brought back in time and allowed to change some “mistakes” he made using the knowledge he gained over his whole life. When he is brought back to the present he is no longer Captain of his ship. He is a lowly science officer. He is forced to reflect on how his past decisions made him the man he is. We all make mistakes but if we learn from them then we can continually become better people.

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