Robbie and I on the way to Sturgis

Robbie and I on the way to Sturgis

My name is Axel and I’m a gearhead. I grew up working on things and exposed to car shows, race cars, motorcycles and dirtbikes. I often take that experience for granted. I want to share my passion for anything with an engine and tires with the rest of the world and hopefully make a some new friends along the way. If you’d like to read the long version check out here.

I subscribe to between 6 and 8 car magazines. I often find it difficult to read all (or even some) of each magazine in a month. My vision for MyWheelLife is to be similar to a car magazine, but with a much broader scope including cars of all types from race cars to 4×4 trucks to motorcycles. It will be delivered approximately once every 2 weeks. This should give you, the reader, one article at a time that you can actually read instead of a whole magazine. I plan to have feature cars, tech, event reviews (races, car shows) and other articles that you’d expect to see in a normal car magazine. Overall I hope to expose you to some aspects of automotive/motorcycle culture that you didn’t know about before.

I can be reached at hooglandaxel@gmail.com with any comments you’d like to make about the blog, requests for future topics or any bench racing and please Visit us on Facebook

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