Reaching Your Childhood Dreams

Sometimes when I was in middle school I would bike to school. It was 1 mile down the highway or about 5 miles on the back roads. The back roads were ½ dirt. The specific day I’m writing about, my brother and I were biking down the highway and went past the one gas station in our 150 person town.

There was a guy who was in high school while I was in middle school. He had bought a 1970’s Firebird. I saw him leaving the gas station and saw 2 girls in the car with him. I was already attracted to girls, although I didn’t know why. I told myself that I wanted to get a fast car so I could get the girls.

I remember when I was a sophomore in highschool I was talking with a friend just waiting to get my license the next year. We hadn’t had much success with girls thus far, but I was sure that once I got my license I’d be picking up all the girls. Boy was I mistaken. Looking back, unsurprisingly, getting a license didn’t change my behavior towards women any and thus I didn’t pick up any girls, at least not for that reason.

Now I’m 25. I have partnered with The Job Foundation and I am mentoring 2 young boys. I occasionally take them for rides in my 2007 Mustang GT. They have some racing games for their video games and I they really like my car.

In a similar situation, the other day  was riding my 2008 GSXR 600 and stopped at a gas station. A kid yelled at me from the back seat of his parents SUV “Nice Rocket!”. I smiled. There were 5 Harley’s parked at the other end of the gas station. The kid didn’t see them. He just saw what he thought was cool. I wonder if that kid will look back and remember me some day?

These stories make me pause and reflect on what growing up really means. Sure I am a pretty fortunate guy and relatively happy but I am always looking for more. How to make a bigger difference. How to have more toys. I’m finally starting to question what the right goals are. I don’t have all the answers yet, but just taking the time to think “I’m that guy that I wanted to be as a kid”, at least in some aspects is a pretty cool feeling.

Did you have any memories of what you wanted to do or be or have from when you were a kid? Have you reached any of those goals? Did they make you happy? Did you set new goals part way through?

3 thoughts on “Reaching Your Childhood Dreams

  1. Enjoy where you are at now, savor every moment because they never come back. I never got the ladies either but did get the one for me. I still have to figure out the rest of the childhood goals because they are still a lot bigger than where I am now.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. i’ve achieved a few of them, but here’s what i keep reminding myself when i’m confused on why i’m not chasing all of my childhood dreams harder – “when i was a boy, i thought like a boy” – it’s okay to be fun and goofy and “a child at heart” – it’s also okay for your goals to change as your perspective of the world changes 🙂 nice writing!!

    • You forgot to finish the thought “Now that I’m a man I think like a man.” That brings up the question of “What defines a man?” Which I’m still defining.

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