Polaris Slingshot vs. World

In my attempt to stay current and comment on new stuff, I have decided to comment on the new Polaris Slingshot. Have you heard of this? It’s a 3 wheel “motorcycle” powered by a GM Ecotec engine. I say “motorcycle” because Polaris says so, and so does the law. Therefore you will be required to have a motorcycle license to drive it and wear a MC helmet (in applicable states), and you probably should just for noise (which is 50% of the reason I wear a helmet when I ride).


What a lot of people might not realize is that this concept is not a new one. Morgan  is a company that has roots (at least in name) since the early 1900’s but now they live on a nostalgic vehicle, in my opinion. The new Slingshot appears to be in a different category in my mind, more performance oriented.

morgan 3 wheeler

But there are vehicles similar to that also. Let me direct your attention the the Campagna T-REX. This is a vehicle that has been built in Canada for 10+ years. Unfortunately for them, they are now in combat with a major player, Polaris, who has a huge dealer network, and is undercutting them on price, $60k for the Campagna vs $20k for a Slingshot.

There are 2 more vehicles I’d like to mention. The KTM X-BOW. This is not a 3 wheeler but it is made by a powersports player, KTM. While KTM usually does dirtbikes, which Polaris has not made, yet, they are still similar companies, in my mind. And I think it is worth mentioning both vehicles in one article for the similar angular looks they both have. Also they are both performance oriented vehicles. I envision more cross shopping between these vehicles than a Slingshot and a Morgan.


The last vehicle I’d like to bring to your attention is the Elio by Elio Motors. Unlike the rest of the vehicles in this article, Elio is more focused on economy than performance. As such they are working to promote their vehicle as an everyday vehicle for the masses. They are boasting of 84+ mpg and a starting price of $6800. Since they are trying for the everyday car approach they are also currently working to get their vehicle classified as a car instead of a motorcycle. I personally already have a hot rodded version in my head. If anyone would like to back my vision please email me hooglandaxel@gmail.com. I’m open to Elio contacting me for marketing ideas as well.


So while the Slingshot is definitely exciting and is being produced by a new player, it’s definitely not a new idea. But will the powerhouse that is Polaris, having bought and resurrected Indian and having created Victory Motorcycles to contest Harley Davidson in the heavy cruiser segment, be able to bring new life to the idea?

Which vehicle mentioned is your favorite?

Do you think that the Slingshot will be a boom or bust for Polaris?
Either way I respect their choice to make a bold path.

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5 thoughts on “Polaris Slingshot vs. World

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  3. I am disappointed that there is no mention of the Factory Five 818. Yes, you need to put it together yourself (which is a lot of fun), but you can get it done for around 15000. MUCH LESS than the Slingshot.

    • Chris. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I’d like to point out that all the vehicles mentioned here are able to be bought and are all 4 wheels (except the ktm which I included for styling comparison). That being said the 818 is an interesting vehicle. Perhaps you read my article on kit cars?

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